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The African- American ritual of the extended morning greeting. It involves a seemingly endless string of platitudes & small-talk around the office coffee machine between the hours of 7:15 AM & 9:30 AM. The instigator is usually a middle-aged black woman (ankle bracelet & mules optional) or an overweight black male with a limp or lazy eye. Others in the workplace are annoyed by extended conversation as it inhibits a productive start to the morning. The downside of not engaging in the black caucus is that you are typically viewed as rude or "not raised right by yo' momma."
Cheryl: "How you doing this morning, Dante?"

Dante: "Good, good. Just trying to, ah, maintain. You know."

Cheryl: "I know, I know. You've got to do what you can do. I'm s'rious."

Dante:"No doubt, no doubt."

Cheryl: "Mm-hmm. That's right."

(This mindless, directionless black caucus can go on for up to 15 minutes.)
by Improv75 June 17, 2009
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