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A psychological assault on someone (usually a surprise attack) using music, lyrics or other elements drawn from terrible nu-metal band "Limp Bizkit".

This can be done in close proximity, using a stereo or other audio device on an

unsuspecting victim; Remotely by phone, blasting Limp Bizkit music down the line

or even relentlessly sending lyrics via SMS message; or using any other number

of cruel and ever-evolving methods of delivery.
*Phone rings from an anonymous number

- Victim: "Good Afternoon"

- Sound from phone speaker: "I did it all for the nookie
(C'mon) The nookie (C'mon) So you can take that cookie
And stick it up your (yeah!!) Stick it up your (yeah!!)
Stick it up your (yeah!!)"

- Victim: "Hello?? What?? No! I've been Bizkit Bombed! UUNGGHHH!!"
by dr collossus November 22, 2009
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