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The annoying character in every single zombie movie that chooses to hide his/her zombie bite from the group. This bite usually occurs during a tense combat situation or retreat from zombies while running to a sheltered environment. The bite festers and only turns the recipient of the bite at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT for the group. A "bite hider" will usually respond "oh, just a scratch" when asked by the other members if they're hurt.

Sometimes the bite hider has no idea they will turn into a zombie and some times they do. Both are annoying.
The pregnant woman in the Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake was a "bite hider" - she was aided by her boyfriend in the deception. Her bite festered and she turned - AND - in turn, turned her unborn child into a zombie.

In Resident Evil Extinction (2007), L.J. Wayne (Mike Epps) hides the bite he receives and then turns AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. Yep.
by Necropology February 22, 2012
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