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think of a skinny, white-trash, single mother with two-to-five kids, and goes out partying at 5 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday. These are women are bitch wafers.

Bitch wafers are the women that let their kids steal from the supermarket and fight each other with what they stole. Bitch wafers live in the suburbs and have messy houses that belong in the Inner Cities. Bitch wafers wear skimpy tank tops and have breath that smells like semen. Their kids will one day grow up to be mechanics; homeless drunks; crack addicts; terrible comedians; or musicians that play in dark, damp, crowded, smokey bars where everyone is too drunk to realize how terrible this band is.

It is debatable what social class they have to be in, but the majority are lower-middle class. Of the few that aren't middle class are Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
Did you hear about Britney Spears? She slept with 3 guys, but her baby is at home, alone! What a bitch wafeR!

Look at that bitch wafer checkin' you out at that table over there. I bet her kids mugged their teacher.

I heard Timmy's mom was a bitch wafer. She smells like beer and weed.
by Houdini Splicer February 19, 2010
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