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1. When you think everything is going well and then something terrible happens, it's a bitch arcade. Like when you are playing on the slot machine and it looks like you got the jackpot, then one slot moves and you lose. It's a bitch arcade.
2. When you think you are going to get something, but then you don't.
3. A saying a friend made up when he was drunk.
Person 1: We've been going out for a long time.. we are so going to have sex tomorrow.
Person 2: Really? Awesome! Things are going well for you then?
Person 1: Yeah -phone rings- Hang on let me take this. Hello? DAMMIT BITCH ARCADE!
Person 2: What?
Person 1: She broke up with me, she was seeing someone else.
by Pickyplum February 08, 2011
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