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When the gods created lax many many years ago, they agreed upon one thing. Bishop Guertin lacrosse would reign supreme one day. Probably the most bro team in the northeast, Bishop Guertin lax has rich tradition and history forged by the founding brothers of the mid 2000's. Sparked by the upset of the century in a title win over pinkerton in 2005, bg has been the definition of 603 lax. Guertin enjoys routinely spanking opponents with ease. Led by God (CC) himself, this team inspires fear. With routine bro sessions, pre-game techno raves, fresh flow, and the requirement of having godly calves, bg lax is what it's all about. Simply put, they piss excellence.
Bro#1: dude, isnt pinkerton the best lax team in the 603?
Bro#2: nah brah, bishop guertin lax dominates them on the reg.

Bro#1: wait, bro, dont they recruit, bro?
Bro#2: negatory broseph, theyre so nasty that everyone wants to play for them broski. Basically, bg's name recruits itself brah.

Bro#1: word bro.

Bro#2: chill.
by OfficerFarva May 09, 2011
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