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A group of kids, usually between the ages of thirteen and twenty. They usually belong to the punk/goth/emo/scene community. They spend most of their time on Myspace, taking pictures of themselves in front of mirrors, making out with their partners, or near a toilet. They often dye their hair black, sometimes with streaks of color.

The captions on their myspace photos are usually song lyrics. They are typically female, but can also be male. The male types are usually homosexual.

In all honesty, a truly bisexual person is hard to come by. Most of them are probably bi-curious.
Girl One: OMG, I totally think I might be bisexual.

Girl Two: Are you sure? I mean, a lot of people are saying that nowadays. With the whole bisexual trend and all.

Girl One: Omg! Those people are, like, not real bi people. They're obviously poseurs. I'm really bi.

Girl Two: Oh. Okay then.
by Kirkpatrick Lover Kiddo February 21, 2009
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