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A group of people who are the oddballs, the black sheeps, the troublemakers, the ones who laugh at the world as it burns. However, despite the joy they receive from laughing at others despair, they will always have each others backs. Once a person has infiltrated their tight-knit group, they will forever be part of the bird friend family - wether they like it or not (even if they don't like you, you'll live forever in their jokes. I'm looking at YOU McPeek!)

Bird friends are very untrusting of outsiders, often believing everybody to be suspicious. They have a particular distrust of Mexican Doggos, though they also fiercely love them. Their favorite beverage is White Water and they're not likely to turn down any drugs offered to them. They seem to run purely on sex, alcohol, marijuana, and hallucinogenics.

It is important to note that Algerian Princes don't have allergies.
I think this person is a troll, but they're so damn genuine. They must be a bird friend.

My bird friends are my best friends.

All the bird friends held hands and laughed at tiny Tim when he fell down the well.

Do you like to be rolled up? Then you must be a bird friend.

Those crazy bird friends are out with their tranny reborn again.

I think my neighbor is a bird friend - he won't stop smoking pot and asking if I think people are Trannys or Nah.

Oh Michelle, the most beautiful bird friend. I wish I had the money to fly to you.
by We miss you Froty Fro August 28, 2017
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An avian companion. An alternative to a boyfriend or girlfriend, or other animal companion.
My birdfriend understands me completely.
by yes juanito yes March 06, 2015
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