A douchebag that thinks that BMW's are the greatest cars of all time. Bimmer Fag's will often talk about how fast their 325i's are, and how "stanced out their ride is."
Bimmer Fag #1: Yo broseph, I just put my stock 525 on bags, and that shit looks hella clean bro, you know bro?

Bimmer Fag #2: No way broseidon, how about my completely factory 323i, shit is looking hella flush with my CCW wheels, bro. Lets go pick up some fat fucking slimeball bitches and fuck 'em in our cars.

Bimmer Fag #1: Yo, good idea bro-beans! Lets fuck eachother's assholes awhile.
by turb0nikka April 18, 2018