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The Bim City Boys are group of fellows from the Unionville, Pennsylvania area. They do cool shit like ride dirt bikes, smoke weed, drink alcohol, shoot skeet with shotguns, ride around in lifted trucks and fast cars and are smarter than your average fuck. They listen to rap music and have a general disregard for law enforcement. They have a natural attraction to pretty girls and adrenaline, cliff jumping and rope swings are common summertime attractions. They all smoke weed like an Olympic gold medal team. They have the best roll game in the Tri-state area. Along with only the finest glass pieces from name brand blowers, they also have a volcano vaporizer. Basically they LIVE THAT LIFE. Other interests include specialty rolls of sushi and Longwood family restaurant.
Oh shit a squad of dirtbikers just wheelied by me smoking jays of that loud shit, must be those damn Bim City Boys

We do shit like BiM
by Datsyahman December 10, 2011
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