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Billy is an amazing guy with stunning eyes and golden brown locks. Extremely handsome, he is bound to be a melt many hearts. His soft yet sharp masculine and charming features make him a picture perfect face to gazing at all day long. But his beauty doesn't stop there. A truly inspiring person with superb intellect which is matchless even for people years beyond his age. His knowledge about every topic is astounding and he's a A student all the way. His diligent, studious, hard, working and is a big dreamer and because of his dedicated nature, he is bound to achieve great things. Once you get to know Billy you will fall in love with his heart, the person he is inside, the wonderful person he might not even know he is. He's perfect and i can't stress that enough. He has the most compassionate nature, looking out for his loved ones. And he loves you so dearly, even with all your endless flaws and faults. To make a Billy upset kills you and you wish never to upset him. If only you would recognize the love that he has stored in his heart. The love that he has to share with the world. The joy that he gives people in the little things he does such a making a cup of coffee for you or writing you a small note which speaks volumes. Don't let this go unnoticed because he is the most caring person you will meet.
He has a pure heart and gentle heart. His love is none like you'll ever experience. A romantic, a sweetheart you must respect and admire Billy. Love him with all your heart open it up, open it and hopefully he will love you for all the you are.Because you love him, you love who he is and everything about him. This man is one in affinity because honestly, there is only one person like him and that is himself, Billy Shaw.

girl 1: i spent some time with Billy Shaw... and I really got to know him
girl 2: i've heard he's a nice guy
girl 3: a nice guy... thats an understatement and if someone said that they didn't get to know the real billy shaw... because he is the most incredible guy. He is everything a girl could ever dream for. if only people would look deeper into his heart and realise... there is no other like him.

Billy Shaw a person to love, a person to see with your hearts eyes and recognize the treasure that he is. Keep him close to you and even closer to your heart because you don't want to lose such a loving and loved person.
by beiltaaro* June 19, 2010
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