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When a human being is just trying to hang out and crush some drinks, and then a lurking rapist doses one of those drinks and proceeds to drag the innocent bystander to a room for a casual rape.
Ron: "Yeah... Remember how we couldn't find Stacy last night? "

James: "Yes..."

Ron: " Well... I guess someone Bill Cosby'd her ass last night!"

James: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Ron: "Well, James... I don't typically go around kidding about one of our friends getting Bill Cosby'd, you fucking idiot."

James: "That's horrible!"

Mike - Man... I got so hammered last night, and my asshole hurts for some reason. I don't remember shit.

Barry - Oh shit...Dude... That's not good , bro. You prolly got that ass Bill Cosby'd last night.

Mike- WTF is Bill Cosby'd, bro?

Barry- It's when you get drugged and raped.

Mike- Fuck!!!
by Jmccaffrey April 09, 2017
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