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A bike racer who falls of hhis bike into the finish line and asks the crowd if he won the race.
Commentator Tower
Commentator 1: Here we are at the finish line of of the Tour De' France.
Commentator 2: here we are two war tie- Number 293: Ryan Adams, and Number 257: Scott Danels.
Commentator 1: Bad News! It looks like 293 is losing control!

Commentator 2: He just falled into the finish line!
Commentator 1: Lets Go to Commentator 3, Linda Furray.

Finish Line
Commentator 3: Linda Furray here on the finish line as number 293, Ryan Adams just lost control and fell onto the line. Ryan do you have anything to say or ask?
Ryan Adams-293: Did I win?
Commentator 3: Sorry to say but these 3.8 Million People, Ryan Adams is a BikeRace Noob.

ESPN Commentator: Here we are as we see the top 5 racers results in the Tour De' France
Scott Daniels-257: 1st
Robert Murray-786:7th
Evan Clay-983:23rd
Frangie Rojers-924:874th
Ryan Adams-293:1,978th
Ryan Adams was acting like a BikeRace Noob.
This concludes ESPN Live
by ICanTStanDYoU1399 June 15, 2011
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