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Big Mon is term used in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to describe a physically powerful person with the ability to outperform the average man tactically and strategically.

A typical Big Mon is large, bearded and muscle bound. He primarily uses his physical strength to achieve his goals, but is also known for his ability to tactically evaluate a scenario and turn it to his advantage. His booming bear like voice is very loud and deep, and after consuming alcohol may become impossible to comprehend.

The habitat of a typical Big Mon ranges from physical environments such as a weights room or sports pitch, to a more cerebral environment such as a chess tournament, poker tournament or computer game.
I seen him win a game of chess after drinking 7 sambucas, 8 double vodka and red bulls and 12 pints of beer. He's a Big Mon.

That dude's a Big Mon. I heard him bellowing while drinking from a bottle of vodka about being able to score a goal (in soccer) from the half way line by doing an over head kick on the volley.

Just because he can benchpress 500lbs doesn't mean he's a Big Mon. He's only a Big Mon if he can do it at 6am after 3 hours sleep and 16 cans of beer and half a bottle of vodka.

Hey dude, I done a bet and couldn't work out my return so I asked the Big Mon. To my dismay he told me that I'd wasted my money as Berwick Rangers have 5 players injured and Ballymena United haven't won in 8 games. But if I was by chance successful I'd win 1474.87 quid with my 3quid accumulator. He's crazy ass.
by Big Lod February 10, 2011
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