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Big n Bashy is a term invented by U.K MC - Fallacy in the early part of the year 2002. It was a phrase that echoed the unique style of music and sound that he and collaborator (music producer) Fusion had created by taking creative risks and mixing all the key components of urban genres that had influenced them as artists, one of the key components being Bashment (Dancehall/Ragga.)Mixing Fallacy's larger than life MC'ing style with the Hip Hop/Bashment sound the duo came up with the now Classic urban club banger - Big n Bashy(virgin records.)which also featured the late Tubby T, one of the greatest british reggae vocalists of our time.
Since its release the song has inspired all sorts of usage of the phrase, but mainly in private enterprise and entrepuerial ventures in the entertainment industry - (see Big n Bashy sound system Cardiff- wales , Big n Bashy promotions edinbrugh- scotland, and a whole host of record labels and T-shrt designers in London who have adopted the slogan as their own. but most notably in 2004 MTV BASE had programmed a slot called - Big n Bashy - in which they showed the hottest new black music videos of the time and used Fallacy and Tubby T's vocals to segment Ad breaks and title and end credits. Fallacy routinely releases music, undertakes projects and manages events under the slogan and still remains to be the real owner of the Big n Bashy throne.
That club we went to was heavy! it was a big n bashy night for real!

those trainers are (big n) bashy!

That MCs flow is kinda big n bashy!

Big n (Bloooodcaaaart) Bashy ya get me?
by Danny Fahey January 17, 2009
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