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Big Robby is the biggest twat to ever walk the earth.
He is so morbidly obese that he requires six people to wash him and it has been theorised that there is a swamp-like ecosystem under his necrotic foreskin.
Big Robby is so obnoxious as to his own idiocy that he thinks he is somewhat intelligent, however, the truth is that his brain is scientifically shown to be closer to a Neggar than a human
Big Robby is incapable of articulating sentences that have over 2 words in them, and most of the time he pronounces things wrong such as permanent, which he pronounces as pernament.
Calling someone a Big Robby can also be insinuated as a term for down syndrome or stage 4 autism.
Look at Big Robby trying to speak, he can't even put together a sentence

Big Robby Used his overwhelming force to punish the down syndrome boy
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by Doctor_Brown October 31, 2017
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