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Professional title of Mad Mike(MM), leader of legendary guild/business organization, STRAIGHT THUGGZ NAW MEAN. The loyal followers of STNM are affectionately known as THUGGZ, and can most often be found in their underground lair of illegal activities, namely the THUGG PAD. Other well noted authority figures of the organization are Srsbiz, the CEO, and Moondogg, the ballin' goat. Peons and/or slaves of the company are given the title "Moeckers FTL" and are forced to complete countless hours of grunt work in order to optimize the success of STNM. Future plans of the organization include nightly raids of Taco Hut, and the continuation of communication with their greatest ally, Mary.
Oh shit, its the Big OG son.

THUGGIN 'till the feds get us.
by srsbiz March 06, 2008
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