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Big Niggatology is the reiligious cult following of the true lord and saviour, Big Nigga. Big Nigga rules all and does as he wishes. He knew that the dinosaurs life had come to an end, so his plan was to wipe out half and let the other half evolve. But the meteorite he summoned was too big. In an attempt to destroy it he Omae Mou Shindeiru'd the meteor, causing it to break apart and destroy all the dinosaurs. From that day on he decided to become the protector of what we call Earth, but is actually called BigNiggaSmashedThatPussyLand6969.
Big Niggist: Are you aware of Big Niggatology
Gay Faggot: No that shit gay
*Big Nigga Appears*
Big Nigga: Omae Mou Shindeiru
*Gay Faggot's anus explodes as his brain melts and burns all his internal organs*
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