A big dude is a person who is large in some way. There are 6 types of big dudes. They are: Big dude little hair, Big dude sweaty ass, Big dude scary face, Big dude beefy legs, Big dude Black shorts, and Big dude stubble face. There is also another kind of dude that links to this referred to as Little dude gender confused.
by jamie leek June 3, 2008
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The Big dude is not something that can be defined, only something that type of person would do. The Big dude always takes charge of everything even if nobody asked. Even if they know nothing about the subject matter, or if charge or instruction has already been given. They also think they know everything, they know every fact of every subject and thought that has every existed in reality. You’ll know a big dude when you see one. They are either not a big dude or they are. There’s no partial or in between. It’s a lifestyle. A big dude likes to do things. They like to rush around and do everything. They like to be the teachers pet. The dude that does the big thing when everyone’s watching. They’re showmen.
Drew is the big outdoor dude.

Drew likes to be the big massive truck dude

The Big Dude is back in town
by Big massive dude killer February 27, 2022
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A sexual move typically utilized by big dudes. Walk swaggily into the bedroom, give a cheeky wink, and slam into position at high velocity.
William Shupe's gf is so lucky, she gets the big dude deluxe every night.
by wewlad77 July 2, 2020
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A large person with little hair that looks very out of proportion compared to the rest of his body.
by jamie leek June 3, 2008
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A large person who has a staring problem, but when he stares his face slightly resembles a Harlequin baby.
by jamie leek June 3, 2008
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A large person who sweats from their ass during P.E. causing a large wet stain on the back of his shorts.
by jamie leek June 3, 2008
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