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Soundcloud and instagram rapper, who gained popularity in early 2018 for getting his dick sucked in a busy Burger King Resturant. He later posted a video stating that he cannot be judged unless that person has gotten head in Burger King. He created BDC Gang, and the opening line to his best song is, "I fucked your bitch, and I took her to McDonalds" and continued to repeat "and I ate an english muffin". Commonly renoun in some parst of New Jersey, and when he is said to be fire, most people reply with "facts".
Brody: Yoo im part of bdc gangg
Chad: yerr thats Big Dick Chima
Brody: ik his song mcdonalds is fire
Chad: bet its flames
Brody: his friend shooter bozy is also fire
Chad: ik imma rock out wit my cock out
Brody: fire
by ZachyPet May 12, 2018
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