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The act of defecating a colossal mass due to the prior night's hearty meal of Chile Con Carnee and Horchata Drink consisting of Mexican tap water.
Greg: Hey Rick? What you do LAst night?

Rick: Jimmy had a sleepover.

Greg: Were you the first to fall asleep?

Rick: Damn skippy.

Greg: What were the consecuences?

Rick: Well, Jimmy shoved his mom's dildo up my ass. But when I woke up and took it out I took a Bif Dump all over his fuken room and everybody in it=D how was u'r night?

Greg: oh thats nice...

well i raped a sweedish tranny and dumped her body in the neighbors pool...but other than that it was pretty chill
by the booty bandit April 02, 2009
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