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Hair that is similar to, but not a refleciton of, Justin Bieber's hair. While bieber weave DOES NOT have to be shiny goldon brown like Justin Bieber's hair, a person rocking bieber weave must follow certain specific criteria:

--The hair must be strait. No curls. People with curly hair are lame ass pussies.

--The hair must flow gently in one direction, and that direction is to the right. Anyone whose hair flows to the left IS NOT rocking bieber weave and is a complete pussy.

People rocking bieber weave many times also rock Bieber Drag. If you are thinking about rocking bieber weave, you may want to consider rocking Bieber Drag as well.
Hey billy, I know you want to rock bieber weave, but your shining hairbowl is flowing to the left. Nice try you lame ass pussy.
by yoshmonster April 25, 2011
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