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Noun 1) The act of being tricked into attending some type of religious invite. Usually pertaining to being invited to church by some holy roller who pretends to be nice to you right before they spring "By the way would you like to go church with me?"

Verb 2) How a person can ruin your complete fucking day by asking you to go to their kooky cult like church after they do you a solid. i.e. "Thanks James for helping me paint my house." "No problem Dedan...say you want to go to church with me?"
Kevin: Hey man how you are doing?

Drew: Pretty good just getting ready for the weekend! Thanks for letting me borrow your car today.

Kevin: Anytime man! Got any big plans for the weekend?

Drew: Nada, I'm just trying to get my chill on!

Kevin: That sounds good...say you want to go to church with me since you have no real plans?

Drew: Dog did you just try to bible mack me?
by Form-VII April 09, 2009
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