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A common term used often by a female to describe a filthy creature, attracted to the other gender by an incomprehensible force. A bhattacharjee will normally find the partner of his/her dreams and desire her/him for as long as he lives, despite the fact that this particular 'chosen one' may not pay any interest to him. However, this does not detract from a bhattacharjees lust for other members of the opposite sex.

A bhattacharjee is, in short, a failed pimp.
"Hey, that Bhattacharjee is looking at me! hide me quickly!"

"That bhattacharjee just offered me 50 pounds to let him "have some flesh, baby!" I dont want to go outside anymore!"

"What in the name of all things Bhattacharjee have i got stuck to the bottom of my shoe!?"
by look at that total james! April 06, 2009
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