Normally heard as a Mega-Kill Announcer status in Unreal Tournament 2004, Defence of The Ancients and Defence of The Ancients 2. It generally means that a certain player has got more than 9 kills in a row and is making an impressive kill-streak.

The announcement will normally come with the announcer saying "Holy Shit!" in slow motion, and a message on the screen along the lines of "<insert_player_name_here> is BEYOND GODLIKE! Someone KILL HIM!!"

This message usually indicates that the indicated player is almost impossible to kill one-on-one and needs to be killed by a team effort, or gang-killing (ganking). Needless to say, it has a demoralising effect on his/her opponents and the reward for killing/fragging such a player is also significantly high.
Kill Announcer: "Holy Shit!" PlayerName (Drow Ranger) is BEYOND GODLIKE! Someone KILL HIM!!
Player on opposing team: Fffffffffuuuuuuuu.............
Another Player on opposing team: This one is GG (Game Gone)
PlayerName: Trolololololol.....

(That's just a sample of a typical reaction to that kind of scenario)
by Logical Fellow November 16, 2013