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1.A dead, rotting cow corpse that is being eaten by another cow.
2.Also, the gamertag of a guy who is awesome, yet somtimes sucks at Call of Duty: MW 2
1. WTF? look at that weird-ass cannibalistic cow! its eatings its dead father! His father must be a betrayedcow.

2.Did you see the BetrayedCow guy completely wreck veryone with all of those multi-kills?
Yeah, man, he got a triple kill with a striker and and triple head shot with AT4-HS, I didn't even know that was possible?
Yeah, too bad his team lost, though?

I bet that Backwake kid was mad, he just got destroyed by BetrayedCow.

Wow, dude, that cow guy sucks...
by wocdeyarteb March 12, 2010
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