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Bethan Palmer;usually a welsh female who lives in a valley
Blonde and brown eyes.Very flirty but a great friend.Would make a good agony aunt or a police woman.Prefers to be in a group rather than alone.Fancies someone new all the time and finds it hard to keep relationships going for longer than a month.Attracted to gingers and blondes.Usually very skinny.God sense of humour!

Bethan palmer's are usually fairly short and complain about they're height a lot. A courageous girl who is loud,confident and quite selfish!
Pretty and attract boys easily.Loves the attention of anyone who is attracted to it.Can be fairly bitchy at times but only when being defensive about herself or her friends.Bethan palmer's usually have a tall best friend and strongly believes that boys are easier to get along with than girls.

Likely to have a complicated family life and get along better with the father and doesn't have much contact with the mother but unlikely to wish her dead.
"Will you come with me to the toilet"
-"no im talking to the boys"
"thats so Bethan Palmer like!
by bethanss rooocckk October 02, 2011
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