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A gorgeous, sexy girl who is amazing in every way. She has the body of a goddess and a caring heart. At times it feels like she don't care how you feel but inside she does. You can tell everything bout her feelings by looking into her beautiful blue eyes. She has a cute voice and is a great singer. No matter how sad or depressed you are she can make you smile. Her smile can light up the world. You can almost always count on her to be there for you. She's really fun to be with. You never get bored when with your with her. Whenever your around her your heart melts. She is kinda weird but it is really cute. Her facial expressions can make you laugh but in a good way. Its a girl you never want to lose.
I want a Bethan E!
by Good-Looker January 24, 2010
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A brilliant girl who is great fun to be around, but they have a tendency to worry a lot. Overall you would love to have a friend called Bethane.
"She's so nice!"
"Yeah, that's Bethane"
by ScrumptiousSpaniard July 19, 2013
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