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Beta Theta Pi at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UW Zero) is the Zeta Zeta chapter of the national fraternity Beta Theta Pi. Founded in Oxford, Ohio in 1839.

The Zeta Zeta chapter has been long known for there donations to various local organizations, holding high ranking positions in the UW-Oshkosh student government including presidents and vice presidents of OSA and for being a bunch of kick ass guys.

Just hang out with the guys for one night and you'll see what I mean. The hottest chicks are on their jocks and getting laid isn't a problem if you are a Beta in Oshkosh. The are truly a gentleman's fraternity both on and off campus and the ladies see this.

During the early years of the chapter in Oshkosh, many women fell victim to broken hearts with the Beta Boys. Many wanted them so bad and couldn't have them they had to join a sorority just to prove how much they wanted to be with them. There were certain gentlemen who would have the time and energy to accompany multiple women at the same time. This is a common thing if you are a Beta in Oshkosh and the ladies don't seem to mind sharing. It just goes to show you how great of an organization they are with some of the most outstanding men on campus.
"Dude, the Betas are throwing another free beer bash, let's go", Beta Theta Pi in Oshkosh Rules!

"I wish I was a Beta Theta Pi in Oshkosh, my girlfriend cheated on me with 3 of them".

"If Beta wouldn't have passed me up on bid night, I would have never become a Sigma Pi and I would have quit smoking meth". If I could do it all over again, Beta Theta Pi Oshkosh is the way to go.

"Go Beta or Go Home"

"The Beta House is the definition of brotherhood" from a Kappa Sig in Oshkosh.

"If I can't become a Beta next year when I'm a freshman, I'm going to drop out of school and try to get a job delivering mail to their house so I can get inside once and a while".
by Wooglin March 21, 2008
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