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(Often confused for a bestest friend or bestest buddy. Although there may be some overlap between the three, it is quite an insult to call a Bestest Bud, or the tandem, anything other than their proper name). This is truly someone you care about. They are always there for you no matter what. They can always make you laugh and know how and when to put a smile on your face. Although it may take you some time before you realize that you are in fact Bestest Buds, it will definitely be worth the wait. Bestest Buds are usually met in the strangest of places(Michael Scott's office) and you bond over the most simplest of things(hangman). You can tell them anything knowing that they will not judge you and will give good heartfelt advise when needed. This is someone who you watch movies and have amazing adventures with. Your Bestest Bud is someone who you can be silent with, and it will never be awkward. A Bestest Bud is someone who you can fall asleep on(both literally and figuratively speaking) and not worry about them getting upset rather they just know that you're tired and say goodnight anyways. Bestest Buds are unstoppable when together, so NEVER try and get in their way. This is someone who you hope to keep as a life long friend, forever. I <3 my Bestest Bud. :)
Evan: " So what, are you and Shlow best friends now?"
Me: " HEY! Watch yourself! That's Bestest Buds to you bucko.
Evan: "..."


Me: " I couldn't ask for a more fun, kind, and sweet Bestest Bud than mine, Chloe. :)
by CW2CS June 06, 2010
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