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When you happen upon someone who is either passed out or asleep and you poop a dark log across their brow or bridge of the nose, thereby giving the recipient a dark uni-brow, very much resembling Bert of the Bert and Ernie duo from Sesame Street. What's better is after you give the poor sap a Bert Brow they very well may wake up fussy and their frustrated/angry face with their new uni-brow will look just like Bert when Bert gets mad at Ernie.
You missed it! After you left, that guy with the striped shirt drank all that liquor and passed out cold. I saw the opportunity, dropped my pants and gave him a great big Bert Brow! We took a picture of his face when he first became conscious and he was pissed! He looked just like Bert.
by Dutch Oven Me July 13, 2015
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Huge furry dark eyebrows. Appears as though someone stuck large fake staches on ones forehead
Man look at his face. It is like two black furry catipillars mounted themselves on this forehead. That dude has some serious Bert brows!
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by dragonneus July 14, 2018
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