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To be beaten by somebody on machinery that theoretically should not be up to the job.

Alternative - to give it 100% at all times when not feeling the best after the night before.
Valentino was BernieHoo'd on the last lap.
Dave P was gutted that yet again he had been BernieHoo'd

Alternative - he was BernieHood' all through the race.
by GaryM July 22, 2006
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A politician who tries to win votes by promising everything is free because he will be taking from the working class to give to the non-working.
Example 1. "Dude now that we have BernieHood for president I hope I can just sit around and eat my Doritos and watch SpongeBob."
Example 2. " what's the difference between Robin Hood and BernieHood? About 650 years! "
by Gregaroidson. June 09, 2018
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