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Most can't spell, and most like to brag about their 'intelligence'. Usually wearing Coach, Northfaces, Skinny jeans, Uggs and sweatpants to make them 'ghetto'. You will find the high schoolers juggling swim team, football, basketball and cheerleading while driving in their new Toyota's their parents bought them for getting good grades. Favorite past time is doing drugs, preferably Marijuana, unless you're in upbeat. The most the Berlinites have to worry about is the Yankees not beating the Red Sox. The middle schoolers are pathetic, and are sluts in the making unless they attempt to be 'emo' by wearing black eyeliner. They can't keep a secret and they cheat on one of the many people they claim to love. This town also needs to import black kids from Hartford.
Girl1: Daddy bought me the wrong car for Christmas!

Girl2: EW! I just stepped on a spider! Time for new Uggs!

Boy1: Dude, want to go to DQ and ride our bikes through the drive thru?

Boy2: Nah man. Let's go get wasted at your girlfriends party! I'm so hooking up with her!

Upbeat kid: I hate Berlin, Connecticut
by Good Will April 16, 2011
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