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Bentleigh East is one of the ghetto neighbourhoods in the south east of melbourne. Bentleigh as a whole, is a shithole that is full of drug dealers, criminals and dole bludgers. This particular part of Melbourne is known for its drive by shootings, theft and bashings. Bentleigh East is full of drug dealers that aren't shy to show off their shanks when talked to. Its full of bogans, lads and sluts that are hustling tryna turn nothing into something. The streets are usually torn up by dirt bikes and can be heard during the day and late at night. located on the south east side, this suburb is full of gang members of such gangs as "Apex" "GTKS" and "South East Kings" which love to cause trouble and sell drugs. Walking through Bentleigh isnt such a good idea, especially at night time, you are most likely to be confronted by stoners, lads and criminals. You wouldnt dare to open your mouth or raise your eyes unless you wanted to punch on with someone, which someone will most likely end up getting stabbed.
Good Morning.
What the fuck you say cuhz? you got a buck? im tryna buy a some ciggies at the servo in bentleigh east
by ghettofinder September 04, 2016
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