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Benn Lee Jordan, producing under various aliases (best known as The Flashbulb), is a fantastic American musician. His styling is generally seen as experimental, often making use of fast drum programming and acid-influenced melodies. Born in 1978, he moved from his hometown of Georgia during his childhood to live with his grandparents in Chicago. He would later begin releasing small labels of instrumental music in the United States and Europe, but has since diversified his works, composing for television and film. Jordan has also made a name for himself in advertising, creating trademark jingles for several companies, including Dove, Knowledge, and Verizon. His latest album release, Pale Blue Dot, was the first to be recorded under his real name, and not an alias. Currently, Jordan is represented by Vapor Music Group, an international creative firm in Toronto (Canada), owning and managing their productions in two recording studios in Chicago.
Benn Jordan's "Kirlian Selections" and "Soundtrack to a Vacant Life" albums are arguably among some of his best work.
by unemployedninja September 27, 2009
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