A reviewer for the Escapist magazine who every Wednesday reviews one game from the very large ever growing list, and who doesn't like people telling him what to review.

He talks fast, mercilessly, and honestly.
He tries to find the bad in games and will rarely say a game is good.
More of an attempt to give developers a wake up call, rather then insulting their bad games.

With a growing number of listeners he has become the Go-to guy when it comes to deciding between a shit fest like Halo or a masterpiece like The Orange Box.

He has also made a small number of simple games himself.

He's entertaining, fun, and truthful about most games he reviews, even if some people consider him a bit harsh.
Person 1- Should I get X game?
Person 2- Listen to Ben Croshaw, he will guide you!
by Wrongfire March 19, 2008
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