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Bella H is an amazing young choncho who can brighten up any day wither her smile. She is gorgeous and smart and funny too. When people see her they know she is a Heff. She can rap she can play soccer like a beast so yeah. Everyone likes her because she is so cool and fun to be around everyone knows that she is the most popular girl in the hood. All the boys watch her and cant stop staring. I love you Bella!!!
Hey look its bella H!
WHERE???! I want to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Sof and Emmmmmmmmmmmmm October 11, 2010
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Bellah is a girls name. Its a different way of naming a child . She is beautiful and funny but is also very stubborn. She stands up for her friends and usually gets jelly quickly. She is crazy and out there but will always be there for you. She us strong and independent and very annoying. Bellah is very weird in wonderful way and loves the beach and nature. She likes to help and will always try to stop fights. She is cheeky and smart and is very kind but will never let anyone in her path.
Bellah is a cheeky baboon.
by Colby Cheese the Whale March 20, 2018
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