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Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, this is not just a food outlet, it's an institution.

With its immaculate facade -not to mention fully sik carpark- at the intersection welcoming youse all to Wogville, Habibi Kebabs was always going to run a poor second.

From 10pm onwards (earlier if it's a school night) zooped up Skoiloine's and fully sik VL Turbos congregate at Bell Street Maccas to practise the skillful technique that is the casual droppage of empty Maccas wrappers onto the bitumen.

When Maccas' exterior speakers begin pelting out "Love Me Tender" it signals the commencement of Bell Street Maccas's "Exhaustoff" and "Burnouts" inwhich participants rev their engines, swing figure 8s and generally do anything which will earn them an RACV black ban for life.

Innocent bystanders unaware of the laws pertaining to conduct at Bell Street Maccas are rarely seen again. Either the Maccas muzzas convert them, or they disappear in a cloud of (burning rubber) smoke.
"OMG - youse are fully sikkk!! We were cruisin past Bell Street Maccas last night afta Zos an bro, you tore tha shiiiit outta that engine re!"

"Dun eat the whole thing re, you already ate enough galaktabouriko to feed all the muzzas down at Bell Street Maccas on a Saturday night."
by Aussie Adonis, moite. October 11, 2005
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