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Being a towel is a phrase denoted to someone who is actively displaying towel-like symptoms, or more simply acting like a towel. Being a towel isn't necessarily a really bad thing, however, it is most certainly never a good one. When one is being a towel, they have done something that only a towel would do, or even sometimes, doing a normal activity but instead of normally, like a towel would do the activity. Some common towel phrases are:
You're a towel.
No, you're a towel.
Oh yeah, well you're a beaner towel.
These phrases may or may not be abused by people who think that is humorous but it is in good taste, as it is so. The important thing to remember is that if someone tries to imply or tell you that you are being a towel, that that person also is being a towel for doing so. You then have every right to call that person a towel back as long as you do not repeat any of the 3 phrases if they have been said before.
If you cannot find a good way of calling someone a towel, or you use an unoriginal way of calling someone a towel, then you must Admit that you are, in fact, a towel. The way to do so is by saying "Yeah, I'm pretty much a towel." This road, although very towel-like, is much more noble than saying nothing or unsportsmanlike towelship. This is a penalty that can be up to 15 yards on a standard football field, or if you aren't playing football then the surrounding people or towels are allowed to talk about your towelship behind you're back.
Example: If I find someone is being a towel, I can rightfully call them a towel, so I say, "You're a towel". And since I called them a towel, that means I am being a towel and allows the first towel to call me a towel as long as he avoids the phrase I had selected. He then says, "No, you're a towel." Now again, this person continues on his towel-like path as he calls me a towel, and I have every right to call him out on it. But, 2 of the phrases have already been used. So, I must creatively come up with a new phrase or use the available handy 3rd phrase. I proceed to call him out, "Oh yeah, well you're a beaner towel." Now the first towel is put in a tough spot wanting to call me out for being a towel but also having to find an original uncommon way of calling me a towel or he must admit that he is in fact a bigger towel. The first towel admits his defeat by saying, "Yeah, I'm pretty much a towel." The End.
by MushroomHero February 11, 2014
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