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Black Eyed Peas debut album with the new artist Taboo joining & female artist who provided vocals though never officially a member Kim Hill (before the band consisted of ''WillX1 & Apl'' in Atbann Klann)

Amazingly 99.9% of people wouldn't believe they were listening to Black Eyed Peas, their debut album was pure up hip-hop reminiscint of Souls Of Mischief unlike their now commercial techno/electronic sound filled with autotune. Many old fans of the band lament at how BEP have completely gone away from their roots & become hypocritical as Behind The Front referenced to artists selling out & how BEP were going to keep it real, it also contained some brilliant rapping. The album is a gem in any hip-hop fans collection.
Black Eyed Peas ''before & after'' era is often split by when Fergie joined the band. A piece of trivia, Fergie only got into the band because their original female artist who sang with them Kim Hill left due to ''artistic differences''.........Old fans take this to mean the new era when BEP moved towards a more commercial sound.

Fingers crossed that if BEP break up the individual artists will go back to hip-hop material like behind the front, though it seems unlikely with the success they have had in recent years
by Datguy1&datguy2 June 14, 2011
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