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A girl who has hair that is curly, gross and resembles the shape of a bee-hive in the way she "styles" it. She usually doesn't have extensions to make it look maybe somewhat eccentric in a GOOD way, so the bee-hive is short, messy and totally unnatractive.

A girl who has bee-hive hair usually thinks she's all that cause of her "unique" sense of "style" and "originality"- making her think she's superior to everyone else.

People who have Bee-hive hair usually resemble that the chick on the cover of the Macbeth play- a total BURN to anyone sporting this hairstyle.
-"Yo, check out that chicks bee-hive hair, it looks like a bee shat on it,"

-"Yeah, it also looks like the hair of that chick on the cover of Macbeth"

-"I just wanna shave her hair off cause' it's so damn ugly!"
by starspangledslammer May 30, 2009
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