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1) to act in a clueless manner, asking dumb questions, saying words like totally, o.m.g., like, so, and cute frequently. Person of very bubbly nature, incredibly and overly peppy, preppy, and wears the color pink alot.

2) To be confused or confusing, mislead or misleading, to just be completely wrong.

3) when you can't believe what the person is saying, like you must kidding me, or are you serious?
girl: I cant come to the party
friend: girl you bee greegin', you so can

girl: Omg like i was totally wearing this pink dress and then like....
friend: girl you bee greggin'

person: qiwnfe;sldkcjpwe3984053....
friend: wait what? you bee greggin'
by NaYcCk23 August 12, 2008
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to act in a retarded manner, ask stupid questions, flood your speaking with words like, totally, omg, ect...
girl 1: " like omg we're going out on like the 30th on february!"
friend: "girl, you bee greggin' "
by mwack92 July 22, 2008
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