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Bedminster New Jersey is home to some of the richest people in America such as Forbes, Woody Johnson, Jacqueline Mars and Delorean. Lamington road and Larger Cross are where the cream of the crop live, not in the shitty ass Hills. In Bedminster you can find a lot of horses, big ass estates, and your typical bros from Delbarton, Gunnery, The Hill School, Lawrenceville and any other 50k private high school you can think of.

Places to eat are willies tavern they got some dank shit, as well as bedminster pizza (legit best pizza ever ask trump) trattoria Mediterranean (expensive italian restaurant where all the rich ass local mobsters eat) and salad creations where u can make ur own dank salad. O and almost forgot shitty Pizza Brothers where all the Spaniards work and deliver the pizza in a hummer, who the fuck drives a hummer now a days, o wait, shitty ass pizza brothers!

Bedminster is also known for the famous "Hunt" with Far-Hills (Far hills is part of bedminster Township). the hunt is the biggest Steeple Chase race in the country, however no one gives a shit about the horses, they just care about drinking from 9 in the morning till god knows when the hunts over. At the hunt you can drink from kegs at every other spot, as well as see sloppy hoes fighting in the mud, and bro's displaying bro love. The hunt is really the biggest shit show of the year and is bedminsters claim to fame.
Bedminster NJ
by Dan Danlar November 06, 2009
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