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A bed wench or bed warmer was a slave woman whose job was to sleep in their slave master's bed, keeping it 'warm' so that when the slave-master was ready to have sex with them, they would be readily available.
Miss Blanche took out her anger on her husband's infidelity by punishing his pregnant bed wench.
by floacist1 March 14, 2015
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typically, a term applied to females of African descent (but technically can be applied to all non-white women of all colors; i.e. yellow, black, brown , tan) who gives herself to white men of high status sexually in exchange for privileges, promotions, etc. at the expense of turning her back on the people in her community. The term originated from female 'house slaves' back during American slavery.
The character Sheba who plays Leonardo DiCaprio's mistress in the movie Django is a bed wench. The character Olivia Pope played by actress Kerry Washington on the tv show 'Scandal' is a bed wench.
by morpheousneotrinity December 28, 2013
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A stupid term used by closed-minded, bitter black men when they see a black woman with a white man. They would rather see a black woman be unhappy with a black man than happy with any man of any other race. People who use this term are uneducated and disgusting human beings. They refuse to see that by insulting black women for dating outside of their race, they are keeping the country divided. Yet, the same men who love to hate on black women for dating white men praise their "brothers" for dating white women and constantly put black women down. It's no wonder that most of them are single.
Bitter black man: How dare Serena Williams marry a white man?! What a negro bed wench!
Rational-minded person: Who cares who she is with? They love each other and that's what matters. Stop being such a bitter asshole. You don't own black women.
by Downwiththeswirl October 24, 2019
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An Afrocentric sista, usually insecure, who claims to be intelligent and pro black but actually isn’t. Unless you’re a straight black woman (that agrees with her), white man or gay black man, you are responsible for the destruction of “The Black Community”. Misandrists, liberal belief and enforcer aficionado, misanthropes of black men with free will. Constantly in a pursuit to uplift and praise white men, while speaking negatively about their demographic peer group of the opposite sex.
Octavia really took it hard that Darnell turned her down, now she’s on twitter saying niggas ain’t shit, so she’s getting a white man cause they’re better. She’s turned into a total bed wench.

I don’t know why Brandy just won’t date Todd in peace without trashing black men, she doesn’t have to be a bed wench if she truly loves him.
by Marcus J. Pigeonwig July 12, 2019
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