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The moment in time someone needs to primp right before entering a house because they are meeting someone special, or doing something where you must look your best, such as going to a party, club, formal event, etcetera. Most of the time, taking a beauty second occurs right before getting out of a car as there is a mirror readily available. Sometimes it occurs at the entrance of where ever you are; however, the beauty second is not as effective because there is no mirror available. One could use the reflection of windows or glass doors, but someone may see you and give you the stink eye.
Girl 1: Hey girl, we're going to be late, hurry up!

Girl 2: Hold on! Gimme a beauty second!

Naomi Campbell: (to limo driver) Give me one beauty second before opening the door to the paparazzi.

*10 minutes later*

Naomi Campbell: I'm ready for my closeup.
by beanequalsecstasy March 04, 2012
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