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I once realized that I could not hold a conversation with Heather not because she was rude or haughty.. she was just so Beautelite... it was as if nothing but superficial things came out of her mouth and as she proceeded to talk of this pure breed stallion she had rode in Switzerland on her 5th trip around the world for a promotion of an item she had been advertising on her blog.. I had to wonder.. and would .. the children and workers of the third world countries.. ever get to ride such a majestic stallion.. in the ends of their days.. think about that Heather..

its good for you don't get me wrong I'm glad that you are having the time of your life traveling…

meanwhile I am going to run outside before i get lost in the societal acceptances that have made Beauty a business.. mind you I'm not judging just entertaining the idea that maybe someday those people will also feel the beauty you hold outside with a radiation of what a kind heart brings when face to face.. I blame this on the "lets make money fast"..idealism... promoted around the world.. whoever started it Heather.. the Beautelite is just one of the culprits.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... riches are in the eyes of the beautelite."

Characteristics: may be snobbish.. arrogant to outsiders of their clique.. may be distinguished in character with good personality but aloof to their degradation of the third world countries labors to promote their privileged lifestyles.. beautiful in a societally accepted and degrading sense.. may be trending and promoting their lifestyle to others... may accept no responsibility to the injustice of the fast fashion trade... has many nice things.. is often privileged ... or was not privileged and then once obtained simple common items available through this growing chain of buying into a spot on the universe to be admired and congratulated with their beautiful shoes and clothes and things.. walk with an air almost daunting you have to wonder... is that a Beautelite!!! Some may not have recognized their own privilege due to accepted societal contributions to this kind of way of living.. for these people we may only pray.. they are the lucky ones.. but everyone is beautiful.. a very sound fact.
by RAWR******* September 14, 2016
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