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Used in conjunction with the terms beat and no beat
an imagenary card that is transferd among friends. When someone calls BEAT, if the beat is challenged by a friend he will call NO BEAT. If the no beat is agreed apon by the group than the person who called the beatloses his (beat card). He may not have it back until he calls 3 cosecutive good beats.
That chick was no beat, I'm pulling your beat card.

No hot chicks? I'll never get my beat card back.
by Jameo August 03, 2007
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A prepaid credit card specially designed for shopping internet-based music retail websites. This product is currently in the process of obtaining permits and patents. Designed to target the music community, the cards feature designer prints and special offers from music stores like BeatPort, iTunes, Rhapsody Music, AudioJelly, and Sony Connect. Also, this card can be used at participating clubs, venues, and concerts around the world as a membership admission card. Originally invented by Los Angeles based electronic music producer Jonathan Morning.
"I was going to go to the rave this weekend, so I stopped by a local convenience store and refilled by Beatcard with $30. That way I can not only get in, but also use it to buy drinks inside."
by Jonathan Morning January 30, 2008
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