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Someone loves to go after fat chicks or chubby chicks then fucks them and leaves them like a MILF hunter but for FAT chicks.
What happens when you are always the wing man Duffer(Designated Ugly Fat Friend) for too long
Example 1
Danny: "Hey lets go clubbing tonite"
Anthony: "Shotgun Duffer"
Arnold:(sighs , mad) " You always get the Fat chicks bro give it a break or we might start calling you the Beasty Hunter"
Anthony: " Fat chicks need love too!"

Example 2
Lt. Dan: " Forest i can't feel my legs!"
Forest: " Goddamit! Lt. I told you fucking all dem fat chicks would break ya legs"
Lt. Dan: " I couldn't help myself Forest now help me onto my wheelchair its time for me to go Beasty Hunting"
Forest: "Yes sir"

Example 3
Danny: "Arnold stop watching Fat Chick porn all the time man! what are you trying to prove!"
Arnold: "I wana be a Beasty Hunter like Anothony bro so i must study SEVERAL online videos! Now leave and let me beat the meat!"
by Coorpinator5000 March 28, 2010
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