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While in the process of the Eiffel Tower, (can only be done when the two males are best friends, otherwise is considered gay) the male railing the vag lowers his hand down, and caresses the other males face/beard. Not long after this, the male pumping the bitches face reaches down with the opposite hand, and soflty pets the railers face/beard. Thus completing the circle . . . The pumper then finishes with a pearl necklace, and video tapes the railer completing a fake punt. After the bitch is kicked out of the house, both males will high five, and follow with a "No Homo."
Male 1: Haha, i can't believe we Eiffel Towered that bitch last night.

Male 2: I know right! It's pretty funny that we threw the Beard Petting in there too.

Male 1: Yeah, she never even knew . . . No Homo right?

Male 2: Oh, yeah man, definitely No Homo.
by WuuM December 03, 2010
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