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This dangerous and reckless creature is so horrifyingly grotesque it could scare away the most disgusting and perverse creatures. In the indiginous forests of Fairfax and Centreville areas and possibly Manassas on an off evening this creature resides. It carries various diseases 77 and a half to be exact. It has large floppy arms, a good amount of piercings, a ridicously hideous nose, and giant hip bones. We fear this creature round these parts. You never know when it could could be at a friends house having a bon fire in his woods out back and all the sudden it just disrupts and disgruntles everyone. We run for fear that we might catch a sometimes fatal pistols.
Person1:: Hey dude, whats up?
Person2:: Nothing dog.
Person3:: Oh damnnnn it's Bear With Wide Cave!!!!
*Everyone goes indoors*
by Kim Ginaaa February 26, 2009
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